Welcome to the pinnacle of luxurious living Brigade Sanctuary

  • Nestled strategically in Whitefield Sarjapur road, East Bangalore, this residential masterpiece isn't just a property; it's an embodiment of opulence, convenience, and an unmatched living experience. Let us take you on a detailed journey through the many facets that make Brigade Sanctuary the ultimate destination for an elevated lifestyle

Prime Location Advantage: Whitefield Sarjapur road's Urban Retreat

Whitefield Sarjapur road, a thriving neighborhood in East Bangalore, is synonymous with the perfect harmony of urban connectivity and serene environs. Brigade Sanctuary's prime location presents the best of both worlds. Offering a respite from the city's hustle and bustle, residents are enveloped in the serenity of lush surroundings, all while enjoying seamless access to major urban centers.

  • Immediate Access to IT Hubs: Unleash Your Professional Potential:

    Modern professionals understand the value of time, and Brigade Sanctuary recognizes this essence. Commuting to work is streamlined to perfection, as the property's strategic location provides swift connectivity to prominent IT parks in Bangalore. From the tech haven of Electronic City to the thriving IT zones of Whitefield and Sarjapur, your daily commute becomes a stress-free journey, leaving you with ample time to relish life's finer pleasures.
  • Unparalleled Connectivity: Where Distances Shrink

    Brigade Sanctuary's location ensures effortless connectivity to major roadways and transportation hubs. The property boasts seamless access to the NICE Ring Road, Outer Ring Road, and the upcoming Metro line. This network not only simplifies daily commutes but also enhances overall travel experiences. Whether you're headed to the office or exploring the city's vibrant attractions, your journeys are defined by ease and efficiency.

Elevating Every Facet of Lifestyle: Amenities Beyond Compare

Brigade Sanctuary's commitment to luxury extends to its meticulously curated amenities:

Luxury Service Gym

Experience fitness like never before in our state-of-the-art gym, where cutting-edge equipment and expert trainers merge to invigorate your wellness journey.

Inviting Swimming Pool

The inviting pool area offers a tranquil escape for refreshing morning swims or relaxing dips after a long day, enveloping you in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Children's Play Area

A haven of exploration and learning for young minds, our thoughtfully designed play area ensures your children's happiness and development are at the forefront.

Tranquil Parks

Embrace nature's serenity in our meticulously landscaped parks, providing tranquil pathways, lush greenery, and an oasis of calm.

24/7 Security Services

Ensuring your peace of mind is our priority, with round-the-clock security services that create a secure and protected environment for you and your loved ones.

Recreational Facilities

From indoor games to outdoor sports, Brigade Sanctuary fosters an active lifestyle with a plethora of recreational choices, building bonds and promoting wellness within the community.

Your Personal Retreat: Floor Plans Designed Around You

Understanding the uniqueness of each individual and family, Brigade Sanctuary apartments by Brigade Group presents an array of floor plans tailored to your lifestyle:


Crafted for individuals or couples, our 1 BHK apartments offer a cozy retreat where functionality and space optimization converge, providing comfort and ease.

Catering to larger families or those desiring abundant living spaces, our 3 BHK apartments epitomize luxury living. Featuring multiple bedrooms, expansive living areas, and premium finishes, these units redefine opulence.

Tailored to accommodate larger families and individuals seeking spacious living, our 4 BHK residences redefine the concept of luxury. Boasting multiple well-appointed bedrooms, expansive living areas, and top-notch finishes, these residences set a new standard for opulent living.


Real Estate Prospects: Your Investment in a Promising Tomorrow

Whitefield Sarjapur road's real estate landscape is a canvas of opportunities waiting to be explored:

Appreciation Potential

With ongoing infrastructure development and its strategic positioning, Whitefield Sarjapur road offers promising potential for property value appreciation over time, making it an enticing choice for those looking for enduring investments.

Growing Demand

As Bangalore's urban boundaries expand, Whitefield Sarjapur road emerges as a highly sought-after residential destination, attracting professionals and families in search of a harmonious blend of tranquility and connectivity.


Aligning with Bangalore's urban development plans, Whitefield Sarjapur road positions itself for sustainable growth, ensuring a future that is both convenient and flourishing.

Social and Community Amenities:
Nurturing Connections and Experiences

Whitefield Sarjapur road is more than a location; it's a community that fosters relationships and creates cherished memories:

  • Community and Recreational Enrichment:

    The neighborhood boasts a diverse array of urban leisure amenities that enhance the quality of life. Residents revel in the presence of parks, jogging tracks, and sports facilities that promote an active and wholesome lifestyle. These recreational spaces foster a sense of well-being and community interaction.
    Community centers, clubs, and recreational spots within the vicinity offer opportunities for residents to engage in events and activities, forging connections and nurturing a strong sense of belonging.
  • Industrial Progress: A Catalyst for Growth:

    Whitefield Sarjapur road's industrial development has received a significant boost from the Karnataka government's initiatives. This thrust has transformed the area into a prime destination for job seekers. Streamlined bureaucratic processes and enticing tax incentives, offered by the state administration and Special Economic Zones (SEZs), create an environment conducive to collaboration, knowledge exchange, and business synergy.
    The industrial parks within Whitefield Sarjapur road have magnetized a diverse range of industries, including automotive, electronics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and more. This industrial diversification has led to a surge in opportunities, making the area an attractive prospect for professionals seeking dynamic and promising career paths.
  • Health and Wellness:

    Whitefield Sarjapur road's commitment to well-being is manifest in its wellness centers, which provide comprehensive health services, empowering residents to achieve holistic wellness.

Whitefield Sarjapur road's strategic positioning aligns it with thriving industrial zones:

Employment Opportunities

Proximity to major IT hubs and industrial zones translates to a plethora of job opportunities, minimizing commute times and maximizing quality time with family.

Business Synergy

Whitefield Sarjapur road's presence within Bangalore's industrial landscape fosters a dynamic business ecosystem, where innovation and collaboration flourish, presenting boundless avenues for professional growth.

Social Infrastructure: Enriching Surroundings

Brigade Sanctuary's location doesn't just offer a luxurious dwelling; it connects you to a thriving social ecosystem catering to every aspect of modern life.

Healthcare Ecosystem

The surrounding area boasts world-class healthcare facilities, ensuring your well-being is in expert hands, and access to quality medical care is just a stone's throw away.

Retail and Entertainment

Explore retail therapy and entertainment at nearby shopping complexes and entertainment hubs, where fashion trends, dining experiences, and cultural events converge to offer a diverse range of choices.

Discovering the Essence of Dommasandra:
A Haven of Tranquility and Progress

Whitefield Sarjapur road, nestled in the embrace of East Bangalore, strikes a harmonious chord between serene natural surroundings and dynamic urban progress. This thriving neighborhood brings together the best of both worlds, offering residents a sanctuary of peaceful living without compromising on modern amenities and connectivity.

Advantages of Residing in Dommasandra:
Delve Deeper into Distinctive Benefits

Your decision to make Whitefield Sarjapur road your home opens the door to a world of unique advantages that cater to diverse lifestyles:

An Oasis of Nature

Whitefield Sarjapur road's lush green spaces, well-maintained parks, and tree-lined avenues provide a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, creating an environment that promotes relaxation and well-being.

Cultural Kaleidoscope

This neighborhood celebrates diversity, weaving together a vibrant tapestry of cultures and traditions that enrich residents' lives with a kaleidoscope of experiences, festivals, and community events.

Educational Excellence

Families seeking the best education for their children will find Whitefield Sarjapur road a nurturing ground, with a cluster of renowned schools and institutions that provide a strong foundation for young minds to flourish.

Comprehensive Healthcare

The emphasis on holistic well-being is evident through a range of advanced healthcare facilities, ensuring residents have access to expert medical care, and contributing to their overall health and happiness.

Proximity to Nature

Whitefield Sarjapur road's connectivity to nature paves the way for an active lifestyle. Residents can enjoy leisurely strolls, invigorating cycling sessions, and picnics in serene parks, experiencing the balance between urban living and natural serenity.



1. What is Brigade Sanctuary ?

Brigade Sanctuary is a high-end residential complex with flats that are 1, 3, and 4 BHK. The residential enclave, which is close to Whitefield Sarjapur Road, features open living areas and a peaceful atmosphere.

2. Where is Brigade Sanctuary located?

Brigade Sanctuary is strategically located at Whitefield Sarjapur Road, East Bengaluru.

3. What kinds of housing options are there at Brigade Sanctuary?

Brigade Sanctuary offers residential homes with 1, 3, and 4 BHK with world class amenities.

4. Is Brigade Sanctuary a sound investment?

Situated in a prime location, Brigade Sanctuary offers easy access to thriving IT hubs, ensuring a steady demand for housing and rental properties. Its proximity to schools and hospitals also makes it an attractive choice for families, positioning it as a sought-after residential destination.

5. Which essential amenities does Brigade Sanctuary provide?

Brigade Sanctuary's extensive array of top-notch amenities makes it easier to lead an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle and creates chances for socialisation with neighbours and families.
It offers :
1. Green buffer areas include parks and an outdoor gym.
2. A clubhouse equipped with numerous amenities such as a gym, pantry, badminton court, table tennis room, aerobics room, co-working space, and children's play area.

6. Is Brigade Sanctuary a gated community with 24/7 security?

Brigade Sanctuary has CCTV cameras strategically installed across its nooks and corners that keep the entire property under 24/7 security surveillance.

7. Why is Brigade Sanctuary the best apartment in Bangalore?

Brigade Sanctuary is a luxury community residence located in one of the city's prime areas, making it a valuable long-term asset. It brings residents close to every amenity essential for a convenient day-to-day life, be it medical attention, grocery needs, educational institutions or entertainment zones.

8. How can I book a site visit at Brigade Sanctuary?

You can fill out the form on the Brigade Sanctuary website to raise an enquiry about the same.

9. What is the cost of 3 BHK residential units in Brigade Sanctuary?

The cost of each unit depends on the facilities it provides. For instance, 1BHK+ a study unit's ownership cost differs from a 3 BHK unit, and 4 BHK unit. For price related queries, fill the contact form.

Why Invest in Brigade Sanctuary?

  • Enjoy a convenient 22-minute commute to the IT hubs
  • Strategic Location
  • Experience easy accessibility to key areas
  • 10 minutes away from major malls and hospitals
  • Metro rail extension, Bellary Road, and Sarjapur, all within a 5-minute reach.
  • Nearby Colleges and Schools
Apartments Dimensions Area (Sq.Ft.) All Inc Price Layout Plan
1 bhk 659 sq ft 76.5-77.5 Lakh* Download
3bhk+2T 1433 sq ft 1.57-1.68 Cr* Download
3bhk+3T 1691 sq ft 1.87-1.98 Cr* Download
3bhk+3T+Study 2028 sq ft 2.27-2.35 Cr* Download
4bhk+Maid 2492 sq ft 2.45-2.78 Cr* Download

Embrace a New Lifestyle at Brigade Sanctuary

In culmination, Brigade Sanctuary isn't just a residential complex; it's an invitation to an elevated lifestyle. From its prime location and exceptional connectivity to its rich spectrum of amenities and investment potential, it epitomizes the essence of luxury living. Explore the thoughtfully designed floor plans, envision the unparalleled amenities, and seize the opportunity to transform Brigade Sanctuary into your haven. Your future, characterized by comfort, convenience, and prosperity, commences here.

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