Things to keep in mind before buying an Apartment in Bangalore

Purchasing an apartment is a momentous decision in every individual's life, especially considering the numerous available options in major cities at affordable prices. Brigade Group, a renowned real estate developer, has crafted several large-scale projects, each offering an array of amenities. Before embarking on the journey of buying an apartment, there are several vital considerations to keep in mind.

Here are some key factors to be aware of when purchasing an apartment :


The apartment's location and its immediate surroundings are of paramount importance. Carefully assess the neighborhood, amenities, infrastructure, and nearby conveniences. Prioritize safety and security in the area. Evaluate the proximity of essential transportation hubs like bus stops, metro stations, or railway stations for easy commuting. For Instance, Brigade Sanctuary an upcoming residential development by Brigade Group is strategically located near Whitefield Sarjapur Road

Ensure that the apartment's location is convenient for your workplace and frequented areas. Opt for a location with easy access to quality healthcare facilities and schools. Adequate water and power supply, full power backup, and robust security features are also critical. Choosing an apartment in a prime location can enhance its value over time, leading to favorable resale and rental income opportunities.


Thoroughly research the builder's background and visit some of their completed projects. Opt for reputable builders known for timely project completion. Apartments constructed by established builders generally command higher rents and resale values. Trusted builders like Brigade Group offer a range of projects, all characterized by superior quality.

A reputed development will have a strong resale value and generate substantial rental income due to its recognized builder. Established developers also ensure compliance with RERA regulations, offering benefits such as transparency in transactions and pricing based on the carpet area. High-quality construction materials and a focus on amenities contribute to the long-term appreciation of the property.

Title Clarity:

Verify the property's title to ensure it is clear and free of encumbrances. Confirm the authenticity of the sale deed and the approval of the layout. If you are investing in an under-construction apartment, check for the commencement certificate.

Legal Compliance:

Ensure that the property has the necessary approvals from the Area Development Authority and Municipal Corporation to be legally constructed. Before seeking a loan, ensure that all these documents are in order and undergo thorough verification.


Brigade apartments offer a range of amenities, from basic to luxury. The presence of a diverse set of amenities enhances a property's value and sets it apart from other developments in the market. Prioritize apartments that offer the specific amenities you intend to use. Confirm with the builder that they will deliver the promised facilities.

Basic amenities within the apartment complex eliminate the need to venture outside for everyday needs, enhancing convenience. For Instance, Brigade Sanctuary provides top-notch amenities along with safety features such as round-the-clock security and CCTV cameras.

Floor Plan:

Carefully review the apartment's floor plans, as they reveal essential design details. Pay attention to factors like natural light and ventilation to ensure a well-lit and comfortable living space.


Consider the property's potential for appreciation over time. For Instance, Brigade Sanctuary located near Whitefield Sarjapur road is in one of prime locations. Therefore, assess whether the apartment is poised to offer favorable returns on your investment.

In conclusion, buying an apartment is a significant undertaking, and being well-informed is crucial to making a wise decision. When considering Brigade Group's offerings, one noteworthy project to explore is Brigade Calista, a new apartment development project located at Budigere Cross in East Bangalore.


1. What factors should I consider before buying an apartment?

Key considerations include location, budget, amenities, reputation of the developer, and understanding the terms of the purchase agreement to make an informed decision.

2. Are there specific amenities that come with Brigade apartments?

Brigade apartments such as Brigade Sanctuary typically offer a range of amenities, including but not limited to clubhouse facilities, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and security features. Check the specific project details for accurate information

3. How do I ensure a smooth buying process for an apartment ?

To ensure a smooth process, conduct thorough research, engage with the developer's representatives, review the legal aspects of the property, and consider seeking advice from real estate professionals before making a purchase.

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